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The more one can forget,
the greater the number of metamorphoses which a life can undergo,
the more one can remember,
the more divine a life becomes.


1978 Journey to the Holy Land
If I am not for myself, then who will be for me ?
But if I am only for myself, what am I ?
And if not now, when ?


Like many who prayed for peace, I was mesmerized by the image of the late Anwar Sadat's historic visit to Israel that was broadcast across the globe in the fall of 1977. Throughout my childhood, my head was filled with stories of conflict and passion about this ancient land. After seeing this event, I felt that I needed to get over to Israel and experience the place first hand. In the words of Rabbi Hillel, ‘If not now, when?’ In the Spring of 1978, I embarked on a 6-month ‘Pilgrimage to Israel’ where I traveled the length and breadth of this ancient and modern land. Kibbutz Ein Harod - Meuchad located in northern Israel’s Jezreel Valley was my home base during this sojourn. I participated in an Ulpan-Avodah (Hebrew study - work) program. My days and nights were full of all sorts of interesting people, activities and travels. Many seeds of inspiration were planted especially while sitting around the camp fire after a long day’s work.

1982 Educator & Song Leader
We may all sing differently, but we can all sing together.


Shortly after returning to the states, I went back to college and in 1982 received a degree in Social Work from Florida International University. It was during this time that the seeds from Israel began to take root and blossom. I got involved in both secular and religious education and a few friends motivated me to pick up the guitar. As both an educator and youth director, I came to visualize the guitar as a tool to teach both Hebrew and Judaica as well as to motivate and inspire kids. Over 30 years and many students later, I’m still involved with afternoon religious school education which included over 20 years as a summer camp song leader. I have attended national conferences for CAJE - Coalition for Advancement of Jewish Education in 1984 (Palo Alto,CA), 1985 (Dekalb,IL), & 2007 (St. Louis, MO) I was a member of Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) - National Performing Artists' Troupe (1997-98) and twice attended Hava Nashira, (1999, 2004) the National Song Leaders’ Institute sponsored by the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ).  I am also a member of the Folk Club of South Florida (Miami-Dade) and Broward Folk Club.

As an outgrowth of my background in education and social work, I taught for over a decade with 'At Risk' teenagers at OMBUDSMAN - an alternative high school program in Miami. While the focus there was primarily on academics, I found a way to bring an occasional song into the mix helping to keep the students motivated.

2003 Cantorial Soloist
If our prayers were music only,
we could surely sing our way into the world we desire.


After many years as an itinerant musician, Rabbi Jonathan Kaplan invited me to settle down and join him in forming a new congregation – Temple Beth Chai in Coral Springs, Florida. Currently, over 200 congregants attend our monthly Friday Evening Kabbalat Shabbat service with more than 700 observing Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur, the Days of Awe. I consider myself to be more spiritual than religious. As an eclectic Jew, I glean from the spectrum of Jewish movements. A blend of ‘Old World’ , ‘New World’ , music, movement and narrative inspires congregants to comment that services are spiritually uplifting. They look forward with anticipation to attending each month. Musically, my repertoire includes a variety of traditional Hazzanut, pop, rock and folk ( Israeli / American ) melodies. I also provide vocal and guitar accompaniment at B’nai Mitzvah and other life-cycle events.

2007 - 2011 Guitar Accompanist
Whether you are playing in a bar, [ house of worship ], … or the Himalayas,
the first duty of music is to complement and enhance life.


After several years as a music teacher at Temple Beth Torah in Tamarac, Florida which began in 2001, Rabbi Michael Gold invited me to participate in an experiment. Rabbi Gold envisioned a more spirited Kabbalat Shabbat service that would embrace the best that tradition and contemporary innovations have to offer. We welcomed Shabbat HaKallah, the Shabbat Bride, with Cantor Cesar Beleniski as lead vocalist and myself providing guitar accompaniment and occasional vocals. Congregants regularly said that they loved to ‘LISTEN’ to the guitar as well as the variety of melodies from our ‘Jewish Songbook’ by composers Shlomo Carlebach, Craig Taubman, Jeff Klepper, Doug Cotler, Rick Recht, Dan Nichols and others. The children’s services were especially joyful and meaningful.

2008 Hearts, Minds & Music, Inc.

I founded this company to help me communicate my belief that –

‘The WORLD is based on three things:
Hearts, Minds & Music
and each ONE is an integral part of the WHOLE.'


2009 Spiritual Mentor - ‘Wheel of ONE’
A teacher may open the door, but you must enter by yourself.
A path cannot be taught, it must be taken.


While the world economy was seriously hurting and there seemed to be a more than usual amount of angst in the air, I began to pull together the many threads of inspiration over the course of my life, thus far. The ‘Wheel of ONE’ seeks to clarify the relationship between ‘the part and THE WHOLE’ incorporating teachings from both East and West.

2010 First Album
Making music is one of our basic needs.
It is as necessary as food or drink or breath.


In 2010, I released my first full-length album,THE Megiddo PROJECT - A Prayer Journey - a contemporary ‘look and listen’ of Jewish liturgy. The album showcases the many sources of my Judaic and spiritual inspiration. The melodies and arrangements span a broad spectrum of genres including ROCK, POP, JAZZ, NEW AGE, FOLK, and WORLD BEAT. It is my hope that you will come to understand that we are all one with THE ONE as you listen to the music, view the graphics and read the liner notes. This project has been a lifetime in the making. Friends, family and colleagues have commented that the music touches their heart & soul.

2011 Website - HeartsMindsandMusic.com
If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.


This year marks the debut of this website. Please explore and share some your observations. Special thanks go to my team
of Giants - Gerry Robins (Graphic Designer), Mary Larrick (Editing & Testing), & Ken Davis (Site Design/Architect)

2012 Facebook - Hearts, Minds & Music
When I reach out to you and you to me - we become 'B'Tzelehm Ehloheem'.

based on Genesis 1:27

Facebook provides an incredible opportunity to expand our reach and see the 'face of God' in one another. Please
'Like' our page - Hearts, Minds & Music

2013 Take Time for Shabbat
"Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy."

Exodus 20:8

So many us forget that we need a break from routine - to pause, breathe and dream. While I encourage affiliation with a traditional synagogue community whether Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstuctionist, Jewish Renewal, or Reform, I'm aware that this is not for everyone. My approach is more eclectic and suggestive of a Havurah (informal intentional prayer community). In an effort to spark interest in Kabbalat Shabbat - Welcoming the Sabbath Bride, I've embarked on a variety of once-a-month Friday evening services (OmShalom, Nigunim & Nosh, Dessert & The Divine) where attendees have an opportunity to experience community, tradition, text and transcendence - an environment where "Everything is illuminated." You will hear wordless melodies ('Nigunim') dance alongside lyrical folk, world beat, rock and pop tunes creating an atmosphere that is light-filled and transcendent. I embrace the philosophy and spirit of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook - "to make the old new and the new holy." Please visit the EVENTS page for current information.

Two excellent books on Shabbat are:
The Sabbath - Its Meaning for Modern Man by Abraham Joshua Heschel
Sabbath-Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives by Wayne Muller

2013 THE Megiddo PROJECT Band
As we travel along on the path of our lives,
it's the people we meet who can change us.
If we are willing to see, truly open our eyes,
we'll find a song within that binds us - Together!

Rabbi Lev Baesh & Sue Horowitz

This year marks the formation of our band, THE Megiddo PROJECT. Our members include: Bill Feuer ~ Lead Guitar, backing vocals l Erica Gollub ~ lead vocals, rhythm guitar l Mary Larrick ~ percussion, backing vocals l Andrew David Susman ~ lead vocals, rhythm guitar. Earlier this year, Bill & I made the first foray into these uncharted waters with Mary & Erica deciding to join in the fun. Our music is a celebration of Spirituality drawn from Contemporary Acoustic & Folk genres. The album, THE Megiddo PROJECT - A Prayer Journey has received many excellent reviews. A second album, THE Megiddo PROJECT - Generations is currently in production. We are blessed to be partners on this beautiful journey of making music - Together!

2014 Earth Day Benefit Concert - FIU Nature Preserve (April 27th)
This pretty planet spinning through space -
you're a garden, you're a harbor, you're a holy place.
Golden sun going down, gentle blue giant spin us around.
All through the night - safe 'til the morning light.

Tom Chapin & John Forster

This year marks the second appearance of our band, THE Megiddo PROJECT at this worthwhile community event hosted by
THE LUNA STAR Cafe in N. Miami, FL. Our members (Bill Feuer, Erica Gollub, Mary Larrick, Andrew David Susman) continue
to refine our skills individually and collectively as we expand our repertoire, develop some nice vocal harmonies and interesting
musical interludes. We hope to be part of this tradition for years to come and invite you to join us in celebration of the Earth,
music and one another.

2015 Second Album - Recording Artist x2
When two people relate to each other authentically and humanely,
God is the electricity that surges between them.


This year I released my second full-length album, THE Megiddo PROJECT – Generations, a refreshing, inspiring and informative montage of contemporary music based on a joie de vivre and Hebrew scripture, revealing the essence and dynamism of our communal relationships. Each track is an opportunity to become ‘one with one another’.

2018 Shabbat Journey & Sound Healing (SJSH)
Daven (v.) - To pray with soul. To surprise yourself in prayer.


In the Spring of this year, Rabbi Melinda Bernstein and I collaborated to launch a more meditative, soulful Shabbat service. We wove threads from the spectrum of Jewish movements (Traditional, Progressive, Feminist, Earth-Conscious) where all might feel welcome. After an initial run, Rabbi Melinda chose to pursue other projects. With our band, Nachal Eitan - Enduring Stream, I kept the vibe moving forward at YOGA SOURCE (Plantation & Coral Springs) through February 2020. Check out REVIEWS under 'Prayer Gatherings' for a vivid sense of the impression SJSH made on everyone. SJSH is on hiatus due to the pandemic and hopeful we can resume by the close of 2022.

2020 Spring ~ Cantorial Spiritual Leader - Congregation LDVD (Boynton Beach, FL)
"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind!"


ZOOM, ZOOM,ZOOM! The pandemic has been a curse & a blessing. Far too many of our friends, colleagues and loved ones have passed. Yet, those of us who persevere to find a way through the darkness have found that this newfound technology is a 'God-send!' It has enabled me to virtually participate with Congregation L'Dor Va-dor (LDVD) whether on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings, Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons through - Zoom & Schmooze, Siddur ESSENTIALS, A Taste of Shabbat, Shirah & Havdalah and Kumzits & Kumbaya - a meditative & spiritual gathering in word & song. Of particular interest, Rabbi Barry Silver is embarking on a voyage of discovery & transformation, the development of COSMIC JUDAISM - an inspirational approach uniting tradition, science & spirituality. I look forward to seeing our faith evolve into the next dimension & generation.- L'dor Va-Dor!

2020 Summer ~ Cantorial Soloist - Temple Beth Orr (Coral Springs)
"Sing unto God a new song! Sing unto God all the Earth!"

Psalm 96:1

A long time friend called to say, I have something you may be interested in. It turned out to be a part-time opportunity as Cantorial Soloist. This was perfect in that I could continue in my roles with my other shuls. This has proven to be a beautiful experience and I look forward to expanding my involvement in the months & years ahead. Grateful for the blessings that continue to unfold along my journey!