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* * SJSH - Shabbat Journey & Sound Healing - music ~ movement ~ mantra ~ mindfulness ~ meditation * *
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* * * * * Singles Shabbat - spiritual ~ refreshing ~ re'Jew'venating * * * * *

Thank you will all my heart for inviting me to your Yizkor service. You touched me and you touched us all. It was the most beautiful and moving I have ever attended. The way you give so much of your heart and soul to this life is such a blessing!
~ Susan Cohen
HH 5779 / 2018 - Temple Beth Chai / Coral Springs & Parkland, FL
Coconut Creek, FL

Dear Cantor Andrew, Thank you so much for a very special Shabbat experience for singles. The congregants who attended couldn't help but express positive feedback as to you and the service. You are warm.and very engaging, and they appreciated the time you took to talk to anyone that wanted a private conversation.The prayer booklet that you compiled was a perfect representation of the effort and awareness you displayed encompassing all of those who attended. We look forward with anticipation and gratitude to many more inspiring Shabbats. Thank you!
~ Natalie Schanker
Singles Shabbat - The Club at Boca Pointe
Boca Raton, FL

I love the musical contributions that Andy Susman has made to LDVD. He always provides a melodic and soothing addition to services. I look forward to his continued participation as he adds so much breadth & depth.
~ Emily Jacobs-Robarts
Boynton Beach, FL

Andrew David Susman is an integral part of our Interfaith Ministry since becoming a member of our Board in 2012. He has lovingly contributed both his personality and his musical abilities to our National Day of Prayer Events, and our Annual Thanksgiving Services. Andy is much more than a Cantorial Soloist or Prayer Leader: he is a motivator and a “spirit lifter!” With this in mind, I consider myself, and the Broward Interfaith Council, fortunate to have made his acquaintance.
~ Sandra (Sandy) Cencebaugh
President, Broward Interfaith Council
Hollywood, FL

Listening to Andy's voice and melodies take you to magical, soulful places. To participate in prayer with him through song helps you to reach those places within all that you are seeking. With a sense of fulfillment and joy in every note, we are eternally grateful to have been able to experience Andy's soulful presence over the years - always walking away feeling complete and whole.
Jennifer & Robert Berse (Beth Or - Miami)
Palmetto Bay, FL

Andy’s musical talent has been a welcome part of many Havurah of South Florida's Shabbat and holiday celebrations as well as B'nai Mitzvah. Andy's music and generosity of spirit have uplifted and inspired participants with a unique and joy-filled connection to the Divine.
Phyllis (Past President) & Phil Levy
Havurah of South Florida – Coral Gables, FL

Andrew Susman means, ‘Making a service memorable.’ I have known him for over ten years and during this time he has provided an added dimension to our community. Whenever Andy would lead our services, I would go home with a ‘niggin on the brain.’
Larry Jaffe, Past President
Havurah of South Florida – Coral Gables, FL

Andy brings 'ruach - spirit' to any occasion and a true sense of spirituality to our services!
Sandy Lobel-Witlen & Steven Witlen
Temple Beth Chai – Coral Springs, FL

Cantor Andy has been an inspiration as a leader in our Jewish mens' group. Recently he conducted a beautiful Bnai Mitzvah ceremony for one of our adult members and his adult grandson giving every one of us the warm feeling that we were just a little bit more Jewish that day. He hits all the emotions by weaving sweet melodies with meaningful Jewish texts. In his unique way, he fills our souls with the sweet & sentimental while captivating the audience with joyful and even playful verse. His voice is an inspiring gift to us all.
Marty Seigel
Temple Adath Or - Delray Beach, FL

Shabbat Journey is joyous, uplifting, and healing. Cantor Andy leads us through a spiritually rich experience helping us unwind from the week, and opening our hearts to the peace, joy, and contentment of Shabbat. Through song, prayer, meditation, dance, and sound healing, we immerse ourselves in a unique and deeply fulfilling journey toward oneness. We highly recommend Shabbat Journey to anyone who wants to experience what Shabbat is really about in the 21st century.
~ Steven & Sherry
SJSH 2019, 2020
Wilton Manors, FL

You, and your service just melt away the stress of the week, and especially the trip down from PBC. I arrive fit to be tied, and leave floating on air. Thank you for creating such a beautiful experience. I never want to miss a single one!
~ Nina
SJSH 2019, 2020
Lake Worth, FL

Shabbat Journey and Sound Healing on Friday, was, I believe, the most beautiful Shabbat Service I have ever experienced. Cantor Andy brought together the most meaningful words and music to welcome the Day of Rest bringing much needed peace after a busy week. A great mix of people with ages ranging from children to young adults to ancients. Well worth the few dollars to experience and support this wonderful celebration.
~ Carole & Gerry
SJSH Jan 2020
Coral Springs, FL

As founding members in 1986 of Kehillat Lev Shalem (Community of A Full Heart) in Woodstock, NY we were blessed with a wonderfully inspirational & versatile leader in Rabbi Jonathan Kligler. After moving to South Florida, we never imagined finding another spiritual Jewish place where we could feel at home in until hearing of Cantor Andy’s Shabbat Journey & Sound Healing gatherings!

The SJSH experiences/services my husband and I have attended and participated in are full of meaningful teachings and music. Cantor Andy Susman and the other musicians create a genuine feeling of openness that enriches one’s heart & mind. I feel as though my Soul has been bathed and transported to a world filled with celestial Light & sounds! We are grateful and looking forward to more opportunities for participation in SJSH events. Hopefully there will be some taking place in Palm Beach County, also.
Isabel & Ben
SJSH - 2018, 2019
Boynton Beach, FL

This Shabbos experience of blending Kirtan, prayer, and sound healing was restorative and uplifting. The diversity of musicians and instruments including singing bowls and a didgeridoo made this a unique and wonderful way to welcome the Shechinah - Sabbath Bride/Queen. Cantor Andy’s siddur instilling a vibe of peace and togetherness went right to our hearts. I can’t wait to return and be filled up again.
~ Pam
SJSH June 2019
Davie, FL

Growing up our household was Conservative - the middle ground between a father raised Orthodox and a mother raised Reform. SJSH weaves a variety of elements into a tapestry of light and warmth - Jewish as well as spiritual. I find that it represents a good blend of tradition and modernity, Hebrew & English, silence & song, chanting & movement including time for reflection, a guided meditation and sound healing. The experience is 'a little out there' and 'Kumbayah' which may be precisely what I find appealing. The music and musicians are delightful! By journey's end, I can't believe it is time to return home and wish it could last a while longer.
~ Rona
SJSH - 2019, 2020
Delray Beach, FL

I drove over an hour to participate in your Shabbat Journey and Sound Healing. I would have driven even further for this experience of fellowship, uplifting music, inspirational readings and sacred sound healing. It was a nondenominational gathering where all were welcome and fully able to participate and learn about the Jewish tradition of honoring the Sabbath. I hope you have the opportunity to bring this gift to more people here in the USA and throughout the world. Your smiles and enthusiasm never wavered from beginning to end. Thank you for bringing more love and light into my life.
~ Rosa V
SJSH March 2019
YOGA SOURCE (Coral Springs, FL)

Thank you for being an inspiration in opening my heart again to the music of the Divine whose goodness shines through your sharing of Her/His voice through yours. Shabbat Journey & Sound Healing surpasses all my vivid Shabbat experiences. A complete sharing of love, sound, spirit and light with all the participants made it more relevant. Your joyful music and succinct explanations were just right. The guided meditation put everyone into complete relaxation while the sounds from the bowls and wind instruments were icing on the proverbial cake for spiritual healing. I welcome the next shared SJSH service, please keep me posted.
~ Mikki
SJSH 2019-2020
Coconut Creek, FL

From the moment my guest and I arrived, well before the kindling of the Shabbat candles, until our departure after the kiddush, motzi and divine organic noshes on the back end, we experienced warmth and light - musically, lyrically, visually, textually, vibrationally and nutritionally. All the elements fit together seamlessly with the SJSH Ensemble, Nachal Eitan - Enduring Stream, serving as a focal point. A complete celebration and envelopment of presence and sustenance for body, mind, heart and soul. What a wonderful experience!
~ Susan
SJSH 2018, 2019
YOGA SOURCE (Plantation & Coral Springs, FL)

I experienced complete relaxation through the guided meditation and sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Wind & Aboriginal instruments.
~ Gaby
SJSH January 2020
Weston, FL

Coming from a Conservative background, I really enjoyed the inclusion of traditional prayers and melodies. A nice blend of the familiar and the new. The music and musicians were wonderful. The highlight was seeing and hearing Tibetan Singing Bowls and a Didgeridoo.
~ Beth
SJSH February 2020
Coral Springs, FL

I regularly attend Andrew Susman’s programs & services (FOUR WORLDS / Siddur ESSENTIALS / A Taste of Shabbat, Shirah & Havdalah / A Touch of Torah / Kumzits & Kumbaya) and enjoy them all very much. His services convey a very balanced approach with a blend of Hebrew and English readings, frequent musical interludes and plenty of opportunities for participation. He is especially creative in selection of passages & quotations as kavanot (intentions). Each presentation is spiritual, engaging, restorative. I look forward to each month and highly recommend all that Andy offers.
Paul Pavilack
Hollywood, FL

The Four Worlds approach to prayer guides us on how to connect to God at all times, above and beyond Shabbat. The experience creates a heightened sense of mindfulness, intentionality and spirituality. As someone who came to Jewish study later in life, I find this to be refreshing and engaging. The added bonus is that there's still time to experience Musaf and hear Rabbi Gold's sermon.
~ Helaine Norman
FOUR WORLDS Shacharit Service
TBTST (Tamarac, FL)

A modern approach to prayer—its power and meaning. Four Worlds concentrates on quality, not quantity—emphasizing a personal connection to God through music, movement, and chanting.
~ Eva Luden Cuffy
FOUR WORLDS Shacharit Service
TBTST (Tamarac, FL)

While we've been friends and colleagues for over 20 years, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by the good blend of tradition and modernity, silence and sound, instruments and readings. As someone who prefers things not to change, I found your choice of a few new melodies to be excellent. In addition to the good pacing of the service, you were will prepared with supplemental pages to enhance the siddur. I'm looking forward to March and April!
~ Natalie Godin
FOUR WORLDS Shacharit Service
TBTST (Tamarac, FL)

* * Weddings l Baby Namings l Bnai Mitzvah l Blessing a New Home l Funerals l Shiva Minyanim l Unveilings * *

* * Weddings l Baby Namings l Bnai Mitzvah l Blessing a New Home l Funerals l Shiva Minyanim l Unveilings * *

We had an amazing experience with Andy. Since we would be driving in from Orlando, he took the time to meet with us virtually on multiple occasions to help plan and guide us in putting together our daughter’s baby naming ceremony. Andy conducted a beautiful ceremony with many meaningful elements representing our close knit family. Given the world circumstances, we waited many months to be able to gather in person. When we finally did it was perfect! Andy’s touches made it very special to us and our family. We are very happy with how everything turned out! It has left an everlasting impression - something we will remember forever! :)
Lindsey, Adam & Madisyn Blake - 'Davita Meira'
Orlando area, FL

* * Weddings l Baby Namings l Bnai Mitzvah l Blessing a New Home l Funerals l Shiva Minyanim l Unveilings * *

Rabbi Kaplan and Cantor Andy helped to make the celebration of our son Daniel's Bar Mitzvah incredibly meaningful. Our guests felt welcome and included during the service which was spiritual, engaging and at times even fun with a nice blend of Hebrew and English readings. We highly recommend Rabbi and Cantor for a similar simcha. In addition, Cantor Andy with his passion and experience stepped in less than four months out to weave the threads of previous instruction into a beautiful service where our son could shine and feel a sense of pride on his day of becoming a Bar Mitzvah. We are most appreciative for the both of you!
~ The Meyersons (Rick, Thiana, Daniel, Benny & Sofia)
Aventura, FL

Thank you Cantor Andy for all of your hard work! Josh & Jack had a great day and were fantastic at this morning's service! We especially appreciated your willingness to get to know our family and personalize this experience to our unique qualities. You inspired the twins to learn Hebrew, learn about the Jewish traditions and prepare for this special day. And beyond 'Being Jewish,' your ongoing enthusiasm helped the boys embrace the responsibility of becoming young men. We are grateful for your guidance on this journey!
~ The Doerfler's (Todd, Julie, Chase, Josh & Jack)
Lighthouse Point, FL

Your voice, music and messages are food for the soul!
HH 5778 / 2017 - Temple Beth Chai / Coral Springs & Parkland, FL
~ Cathy Bell Tannenbaum
Pembroke Pines, FL

The album, A Prayer Journey, has a great flow and it's deeply spiritual. The production is excellent! I really like the arrangements, choices of instruments and vocals. So much is overdone these days, and this just feels honest and present. I also like the personal connections that you listed showing your relationship to each piece. Megiddo is really sweet & you sound terrific!
~ Cantor Allen Leider
Director of Lifelong Learning - Temple Rodef Shalom
Falls Church, VA

Your 'Modeh Ani' is a beautiful way to greet the dawn before my feet even touch the floor!
~ Rebecca Phillips
Retired Physical Therapist,
Blairsville, GA

Andy's newest album, The Megiddo Project - Generations, expresses an intensity and a passion that is inspiring!
~ David & Leni Engels
Emerald Concerts

Andy's newest album, Generations is even better than his first. But, like the first, I am most appreciative that he's taken the time to include all the lyrics and liner notes. Having them helps to make the listening experience even better. As for his selection and presentation of these amazing songs - his passion for God, Judaism & life itself shine through in every word, note, silence. I love his energy! It's clear to me that he's left nothing out. I wish him only health and happiness so that he may continue this journey for many years to come.
~ Natalie Godin
Retired teacher
Tamarac, FL

Generations is a beautiful window into the soul of humanity. 9.9 out of 10!
~ Tom Owens
retired Social Worker
Hollywood, FL

The Megiddo Project takes us on a journey of prayer that opens our hearts and minds to the beauty of our inheritance. Susman's expressive voice and fine arrangements invite us to join him in a passionate love of the Jewish Journey.
~ Rabbi Shefa Gold
author of Torah Journeys: The Inner Path to the Promised Land
Jemez Springs, NM

I've just finished listening to The Megiddo Project. It's a glorious presentation -- inside and out. Andy Susman has drawn from progressive and renewal expressions of liturgy. Do you want to know where North American Jewish prayer has been recently, and have a hint of where it may be going? This album provides both education and insight.
~ Rabbi Mitch Chefitz
author of The Seventh Telling and The Curse of Blessings
Temple Israel – Miami, FL

The future of Jewish culture depends upon the creative efforts to recast the past in the idiom of the present.
Andy Susman's new CD gives all of us who love Judaism hope.
~ Rabbi Rami Shapiro
author of Ecclesiastes, Annotated & Explained
Murfreesboro, TN

Your music to me is a beautiful love song to the Universe, channeling that positive energy, we share. Thank you!
~ Judith Schwab
Visual artist & Creative Art Consultant
The World and Eye Art Center / FAT Village
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Samantha's service was amazing! Everyone felt the warmth that emanated from start to finish. A BIG Thanks! to both of you for making it possible.
~Bonnie Anolick
Sunrise, FL

Sam's Bat Mitzvah was the most awesome and beautiful service ever. It was so warm and all were so moved by it - the readings, songs ... We could go on forever and thank both of you so much for making it all possible.
~Brenda & Jay Amis (Samantha's Grandparents)
Sunrise, FL

Thanks again to both of you. Everyone was blown away by the service. So many said it was by far the best and most emotional they had ever seen! It could not have gone any better!
~ The Zerns (Jeff, Teresa, Emily & Andrew)
Weston, FL

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From beginning to end, you made our experience so pleasant! You tied together the religious, spiritual and musical components so beautifully!
~ The Markowitz Family (Gregg, Janet, Reilly & Mason)
Weston, FL

Cantor Andy, what can be said of your musical accompaniment, it lifts our spirits and brings a warmth to our hearts. You are a true "artist"!
~ The Frimets (Randy, Deborah, Allyson & Melissa)
Coconut Creek, FL

Our celebration would not be complete without Cantor Andy as his beautiful music is the glue that brings together such a beautiful service.
~The McCarty Family (Jason, Robin, Chris & Matt)
Coral Springs, FL

Andrew and Sandy were a pleasure to work with for our son’s Bar Mitzvah. We were able to develop a personalized service, which was both meaningful and spiritual. They worked well with our son, allowing him to shine and lead the service, but never overwhelming him. They were open to our ideas and needs, while guiding us through the necessary service requirements. Our family members, who had never been to a service outside of a temple, told us that it was the best Bar Mitzvah they had ever attended. Andy’s excellent musical abilities helped engage the congregation encouraging all to participate.
~ The Levins (Lee, Heather & Noah)
Pembroke Pines, FL

More than lighting a spark, you lit a bonfire. Noah was by far more focused on his participation in the Bar-Mitzvah service than in the celebration afterwards and he described his favorite part as, “finding his word and reading from the Torah”. It was refreshing to see the meaning of Bar-Mitzvah not lost. The service Sandy and you designed covered the requirements, but was also spiritual and reflected Noah’s talents. Many attendees claimed the service the best they had ever attended. We recognize a great deal of thought and coordination went into Noah’s ceremony. For that, Stan and I wish to express our gratitude and appreciation. May you both go forward doing what you were obviously born to do and may you bring as much joy and pride to others as you did our family and friends on Noah’s Bar-Mitzvah day. With gratitude and love,
~Stan & Sandy Levin (Noah's Grandparents)
Coral Gables, FL

Andy Susman is a gifted spiritual leader. He guided our family in creating a personalized Bat Mitzvah ceremony that went beyond our vision of the experience, representing our daughter’s journey as the unique path that could only be hers. Andy provided the perfect combination of structure and flexibility allowing us the opportunity to completely attach ourselves to the experience in a natural and holistic way. For anyone seeking a guide to light their path in this critical step in their child’s life, Andy represents a very special choice to illuminate that path and with it much more. ~ ~ ~ With Peace and Love,
~ The Hedrick Family (Maya, Erika & Matt)
Weston, FL

Thank you for leading the Bnai Mitzvah of our two sons and my husband. You did a great job and both days were successful because of the flexibility to plan the services around the needs and priorities of our special family. Your singing, guitar playing and English explanations of the Hebrew prayers and readings were wonderful additions that kept everyone involved and interested. Our uniquely designed prayer book will be a beautiful memory of each child’s special day.
~ The Heyds (Margie, Alan, Ari & Brook)
Pembroke Pines, FL

We want to thank Rabbi Kaplan and Cantor Andy for conducting an exceptional Bat Mitzvah Service for our daughter. It was filled with song and spirituality that made all our guests, regardless of religious practices, feel welcomed and inspired by the services. Rabbi and Cantor made it fun and engaging on this special day. They are truly an incredibly great team to work with and could not have envisioned a better experience!
~ The Berminghams (Scott, Deanna, Isabella & Ryan)
Hollywood, FL

It is a rare privilege for those not of the Jewish faith to be invited into its sacred portals by one who carries on the minstrel tradition of David, the court harpist and story teller, and sings the story of his people in a way that offers enlightenment and hope to all.

Andrew David Susman has created here, in The Megiddo Project, an album that calls all people of faith to persist in the often long and arduous spiritual journey with the ancient hope of "Yihyeh Shalom – There WILL be Peace!"
Let this be our prayer as we continue our journey in the 21st century!
~ Reverend Linnea Pearson, Ph.D.
Unitarian Universalist Chaplain / Professor
Florida International University - North Miami, FL

As an interfaith minister, my intention is to bring people of differing faiths together to be in prayer as one spiritual family. Andy’s collection of songs has a universal quality that would stir the soul of any listener, regardless of his or her religious affiliation. The spiritual intensity of the album invites us to connect with our loving God’s divine nature, which is beyond – separation, religious and cultural boundaries.
~ Reverend Dr. Lori Cardona
author of The Bumpy Road to Enlightenment
LMC Interfaith Ministries – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary, co-founder

The Megiddo Project draws from a broad spectrum of Jewish artists and musical genres.
It 'shines a new light on Zion!'
~ Scott Leader
Producer, Engineer, Musician
Brick Road Studio – Scottsdale, AZ

This album is a gift from your heart, elevating my soul.
~ Suzi Finkelstein
Jewish & Spiritual Activist
San Diego, CA

What a beautiful album and selection of music. The Megiddo Project captures the beauty of the Sabbath with well-constructed musical arrangements, original interpretations of well-known melodies, and vocal arrangements beautifully rendered by Andrew David Susman. Bravo!!! to all involved in the production of this CD.
~ Cantor Rachelle Nelson
American Conference of Cantors
Temple Beth Am – Pinecrest, FL

Andy's album has opened up the world of Judaism and Spirituality to me in one Light-filled package.
He says it best with his intention for the song 'Megiddo', "Each day is an opportunity to create ourselves anew."
~ Mary Larrick
Folk Club of South Florida – Miami, FL

Andy’s The Meggido Project - A Prayer Journey extracts the nectar of Jewish liturgy, presenting 14 quintessential Hebrew and Judaic passages within layers of symbols, harmonies and sweet text. Exhibiting great respect for Jewish culture, he meaningfully weaves in mysticism, artfully condenses the words and warmly shares his vision of Tikkun Olam - Healing of the World.
~ Jeff Tucker, Director
Temple Beth Or – Miami, FL

To continue to receive inspiration from God, we must show courage by acting on the prompting that we are given. It is also our responsibility to pursue truth where ever we may find it. And, once it is found, we must pass it along.
I will continue to share the pearls of light and truth that The Megiddo Project - A Prayer Journey teaches me.
Cynthia Konkle
Austin, TX

Contemporary Jewish Music at its best!
Rabbi Michael Gold
Author of The Ten Journeys of Life - A Guide to Being Human
Temple Beth Torah Sha'aray Tzedek – Tamarac, FL

Andy’s enthusiastic spirit for Judaism is woven throughout his CD. An amazing blend of Rock, Pop, Jazz,
New Age, Folk & Worldbeat celebrating our traditions. A must have album for every modern, spiritual Jew.
Rabbi Jonathan Kaplan
Temple Beth Chai – Coral Springs & Parkland, FL

A must have album for families to enjoy!
Gerry & Carole Robins
Coral Springs, FL

Andrew David Susman inspires us to 'feel' the music of our heritage. He is a wonderful troubadour of Jewish music.
Marty z”l & Ann Tepfer
Temple Beth Torah Sha'aray Tzekek – Tamarac, FL

Gifted professional athletes have the ability to bring a crowd to its feet with elation by catching a great pass or scoring a winning goal. Andy Susman has a gift of bringing joyfulness to a group of people with the warmth of his presence and song. His charm encourages everyone present to join in communion instilling a special feeling of harmonious ecstasy. One wishes that the feeling continue on and on.
Ron Chazan
Boca Raton, FL

Andy Susman is a capable musician and skilled educator, whose unique presentation of these favorite melodies, including his original composition 'Megiddo', takes the listener through an evolutionary journey of uplift and enlightenment.
Rabbi Mark Gross
Temple Beth Orr – Coral Springs, FL

I commend Cantor Andy for a beautiful service where both a grandfather and grandson celebrated their B’nai Mitzvah. The service was engaging, the music lively, and the prayer interpretations meaningful. As a teacher, Cantor Andy was able to gear the involvement of the different generation leaders to hold their own, be challenged to learn, and convey their personal involvement with the Torah text. It was a moving experience to attend such a special Shabbat service. Yasher Koach Cantor Andy!
Sherry Stern
Temple Adath Or - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Andy expresses a deep love for Israel and all things Jewish with his music and songs.
His passion is most definitely transmitted to the students.
Sara Gamberg
B’nai Aviv – Weston, FL

I just love your Megiddo Project CD! I am wearing it out by playing it so much! It goes way beyond catchy melodies and beautiful singing - it embodies pride and joy in our rich Jewish heritage. When I listen to the CD it fills me with joyful spirituality. Our Jewish survival depends on awakening such ruach in us all. Thank you!
Jacqui Montag
Temple Beth Torah – Tamarac, FL

The Megiddo Project reinforces me as I try to live the day well. It's as if the music is speaking to me.
The packaging and presentation are jewel-like. It would make for a beautiful gift.
Robin Pearsall
new retiree, re-connecting with Judaism
Pembroke Pines, FL

Andy's CD makes me happy! It's uplifting and is great listening while I paint.
Jackie Olenick
Judaic artist & designer
Boca Raton, FL

Andy Susman's The Megiddo Project so congruously accompanies today's Jewish prayerful expression - it behaves as an invitation. Susman's soulful influcence is inescapable. I was immediately inspired to invite him to daven with us at our Shabbos services.
Rabbi Marc Labowitz
Temple Adath Or - South Florida's Center for Jewish Renewal
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Andy Susman’s The Megiddo Project will take you in a new direction in Jewish liturgy.
Ned Kripke
Jewish Communal Professional - Philadelphia, PA