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Hearts, Minds & Music

Welcome to Hearts, Minds & Music
Our goal is to communicate the light & joy of Judaism & Spirituality
through prayer, music, imagery and text

~ ~ ~ THE Megiddo PROJECT ~ ~ ~
a modern view of an ancient faith ---
creating a more expansive, engaging and evolving spiritual practice

THE Megiddo PROJECT Series is a collection of songs and stories from an array of musical genres, songwriters, composers, and Jewish movements illuminating the vibrancy that awaits in developing a meaningful and contemporary spiritual practice.

Consider this your invitation to journey through the site and see what might resonate. I believe that you will find much that is engaging and inspirational whether in the Audio Samples, Quotations & Images, Bios or Reviews.

There are even some FREE(bies) in our Store that may create further interest in following some threads.

I welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation.

In peace,

Andrew David Susman

Cantorial Soloist, Prayer & Song Leader, Educator

NEWEST RELEASE! ~ Spring 2015

THE Megiddo PROJECT – Generations

A refreshing, inspiring and informative montage of contemporary music based on a joie de vivre ('zest for life') and Hebrew scripture, revealing the essence and dynamism of our communal relationships. Each track is an opportunity to become ‘one with one another’.

Includes a 32-page booklet with engaging graphics, explanatory notes and full lyrics.

Mary, Andy, Erica, Bill
THE Megiddo PROJECT Band ~ since 2013

An eclectic blend of new age, world beat, spiritual,
folk & acoustic 60s vibe

"Exploring our connection with THE ONE & one another"